Appendix 2

Athabasca University Research Ethics Board Approval

DATE:        February 19, 2013
TO:        Colin M. Madland
COPY:        Dr. Rick Kenny (Research Supervisor)
Janice Green, Secretary, Athabasca University Research Ethics Board
Dr. Simon Nuttgens, Chair, Athabasca University Research Ethics Board
FROM:        Dr. Debra Hoven, Acting Chair, CDE Research Ethics Review Committee
SUBJECT:    Ethics Proposal #CDE-13-02: “Structuring Student Interactions in Online Distance Learning: Exploring the Study Buddy Activity”

Thank you for providing the revised application received February 17, 2013.  The Centre for Distance Education (CDE) Research Ethics Review Committee, acting under authority of the Athabasca University Research Ethics Board to provide an expedited process of review for minimal risk student researcher projects, has reviewed the above-noted proposal and supporting documentation.

On behalf of the CDE Research Ethics Review Committee, I am pleased to confirm that this project has been granted FULL APPROVAL on ethical grounds, and you may proceed with recruitment as soon as AU Institutional Permission has been received (see below).

AU Institutional Permission:  Prior to recruitment, for file purposes only, provide a copy of Athabasca University Institutional Permission, issued from Vice-President Academic, enabling access to AU systems and student or staff contact for research purposes.
The AU Research Ethics office will assist in requesting the institutional permission by forwarding a copy of the final revised/approved ethics application, along with a request on behalf of the researcher. The researcher will be cc’d on all correspondence in that regard.

The approval for the study is valid for a period of one year from the date of this memo.  If required, an extension must be sought in writing prior to the expiry of the existing approval.  A Final Report is to be submitted when the research project is completed.  The reporting form can be found online at .

This approval of your application will be reported to the Athabasca University Research Ethics Board (REB) at their next monthly meeting. The REB retains the right to request further information, or to revoke approval at any time.

As implementation of the proposal progresses, if you need to make any significant changes or modifications please consult with your supervisor to obtain their support for those changes, then forward this information immediately to the CDE Research Ethics Review Committee via , for further review.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Janice Green at or .