Chapter VI

Merging the Quantitative and Qualitative Analyses

Creswell’s (2009) final step in conducting mixed methods research is to merge the quantitative and qualitative analyses together into a unified whole. The following chapter outlines how the two analyses compare to each other and how the merged analysis might be stronger than either one individually. Additionally, findings from this study are related back to the theoretical models of interaction (Anderson, 2003a; Kanuka, 2011), cooperative learning (Slavin, 2011) and the 3P model of teaching and learning (Biggs et al., 2001).

As presented in Chapter I, the study examined three research questions related to the study buddy activity in an asynchronous online distance learning environment.

  • Do online graduate students who participate in a structured study buddy activity tend to use deep approaches to their learning?
  • As a cooperative learning activity, does the study buddy activity provide sufficient scaffolding to promote deep approaches to learning?
  • In what ways do students find value in the study buddy activity?

The following sections summarize the quantitative and qualitative findings with respect to each of the research questions.

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